Wednesday, June 06, 2012

come a little bit closer

My poor little blog has been rather neglected of late. I do have a good excuse though; I have been very busy. Last weekend I was exhibiting my work, along with some other local artists, as a part of the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend. It was a great weekend.

We turned Catriona's little barn into a lovely exhibition space, sent out the invitations and waited to see if anyone would turn up.

I was amazed by how many did. A huge thanks to everyone who went off the beaten track to find us. They came from far and wide (hey Louisa!) to see the arty loveliness our little barn had to offer. I'll post some photos when I get them back from Snappy Snaps.

Before the event I assumed I'd have three days to do lots of sketching. But, no chance. We were busy throughout which was great because there's nothing that makes me happier than sharing my sketchbooks with people.
You know up until quite recently the only artistic community I've been involved in is an online one. Being a part of that community has been amazing, and life changing, for me. It has enabled me to set up a blog, encouraged me to keep drawing, supported me in becoming a professional illustrator and always been there for advice on all sorts of things.

I had not, however, been involved in a local community of artists. In fact, for a long time, nobody even knew I was drawing like a maniac at home. It was my exhibition in Buxton, last summer, that brought me to the attention of a local audience and then everyone knew. Joining Sketchcrawl North a little while later made me realise the great things that come from being part of a group.

Exhibiting with this group of talented and generous artists over the weekend was a joy. I'm so happy that I've connected with a local arty community because you get good things from being with people. People who share your passion. So reach out because we are, after all, just chubby babies floating in a sea of tissue paper.

Check out the amazing work by my exhibtion mates; Catriona Hall, Sandra Orme and Rob Wilson. And a big big thanks to the photographer, and my friend, Lynne McPeake for everything she does.


Unknown said...

it was certainly a great moment, Andrea. I wish I was there!

Unknown said...

it was certainly a great moment, Andrea. I wish I was there!

Louisa Jones said...

Blushing at the mention, here! Hope I didn't come across as too much of a groupie!! It was FANTASTIC to see your moleskines up close and personal as it were - I just love what you do!
We ended up seeing quite a few of the venues over the course of the 2 days - surely I'm not biased in any way but Long Lee Barn Studio was the best!


Congratulations on a successful show!

Chelle said...

Why are you using so little color lately? Are you planning to publish a children's coloring book with your latest drawings?

dinahmow said...

Too bad I couldn't stay long enough to catch this show.But I'm pleased it all went so well.
"hello!" to Lynne et al

nanke's stuff said...

Congratulations on your show! If I lived on your side of the pond I would have gone! nancy

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, guys.

Louisa, I was chuffed that you came so far to see my little Moleskines. Thanks again.

Chelle, I have been doing quite a lot of colour work, but I guess I haven't posted too much of it. I've been doing lots of sketching outdoors recently and I usually only take my black pens with me.

I too wish you could have all been there. Cheers!