Saturday, July 26, 2014

well my time went so quickly, i went lickety-splickly

 I've just made these really quick sketches whilst watching a series of interviews with Bette Davies. They took a couple of minutes each. It's by doing these fast and furious portraits, from the tv, that I've become comfortable with drawing faces and people. I've made hundreds and hundreds of them over the past few years. They're not amazing. They're not going to set the world alight. But that's not the point. I've learnt so much from doing them, and more than that I really enjoy creating them.

There's another blog post HERE, from two-ish years ago. Back then, it seems, I was still not confident drawing 'real life people'. Which just goes to show how quickly you can build your confidence through practice. Jeez, I'll draw anyone and everyone now - from the big screen to the real life.


Polly Birchall said...

These are great for a couple of min. What a good idea. Will try it one day. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to refer to the famous American actress Bette DAVIS? D A V I S

UÁITE-DOG said...

fantástico, ups , fantastic :)