Friday, July 04, 2014

every dune that we fell into left a mark upon us too

Where did June go? Did anyone see where it went? I'm sure it didn't happen this year. It must have been cancelled.
Guys, I'm currently slap bang in the middle of a couple of amazing projects that are happening NOW. Like, right now. Firstly, that fine figure of a man, above, is none other than Danny Gregory. One of my drawing heroes. The guy who created Everyday Matters - which is where I my drawing journey began way back when, eight or nine years ago. I'm rubbish at dates. But anyway, anyway, I can tell you it was quite a moment for me to be asked by Danny to become a teacher at Sketchbook Skool. It felt like coming home.
The new semester starts TODAY! You can see the fabulous new website, and get your place on the course, HERE. I'll see you in class. Make sure you're on your best behaviour!
Then, as if that isn't enough, as if that isn't crazy enough, a couple of days ago my bookbench hit the streets of London. Yes, she has left home, flown the nest, and gone to the big Smoke to try and make her fortune. I just hope she doesn't end up living on a park bench. Oh.
You can see another spanking new website with the whole story about this Books About London project HERE and read all about my bench HERE.
If anyone should visit my bench (it's in Greenwich from July-September) please take a photo of yourself at the bench and send it to me. I'd love to put a little album of them together.
I will be back with actual drawings soon. I do have new stuff to post. I just need the time.
June? Anyone?


Tine said...

Sketchbook Skool Sounds really interesting! Maybe, maybe I will join you... If I dare.

dinahmow said...

Wish I could wander round London and see all of them.But congrats to everyone involved.

Madame Van Stone said...

This is so cool, Andrea! These are great news and I wish I could see the open book in person!
Congratulations on Sketchbook Skool :-)
Your Fan since 2006 (yes, that's how long it's been)

Madame Van Stone said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you I moved to Blogger!

melydia said...

You are the reason I heard about Sketchbook Skool in the first place a few weeks ago, and I signed up. It's a very new experience for me - I've always wanted to keep a sketch journal but I've never really known where to start, exactly. But it's good, and will hopefully cultivate a regular drawing habit. So thank you for that. And congratulations on the bench! Wish I could visit it in person, but I imagine the commute across the Atlantic would be a tad damp for my car's upholstery to handle.