Tuesday, April 29, 2014

cover me with the thought that i pulled the trigger

Above is a new poster that I've created for the Buxton Fringe Festival. I've had this love of poster art for many a year, and creating my own, for our Dr Sketchys (amongst other events) is just one of my favourite things to do.

Some of the artists I adore the most are those who making posters way back when; Toulouse Lautrec, Mucha are just Gods to me. with that in mind, I had this idea of making a series of posters where I pay homage to these heroes of mine. Obviously there's no improving on their works, but just perhaps, doing my own cover version. So I started with this beauty, below, Le Frou Frou by Lucien Henri Weiluc. Damn, it's gorgeous.

You can see more of my poster artwork HERE.


Chris Shaw said...

Absolutely stunning Andrea, i love it to bits kiddo!I can imagine people talking about your works, the same way you talk about the classics, in a hundred years or more from now? That's how good i think your art is my friend. Keep on keeping on!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you SO much, Chris. that is very kind of you to say.