Friday, April 25, 2014

the kiss

Here's a drawing that I made on a pubcrawl sketchcrawl that we, at Sketchcrawl North, did last year. I made it in my large Moleskine - the kind that has an A3 size double page spread. Increasingly, I've found that I really enjoy drawing on a bigger scale. Maybe it's a reaction to all those years of drawing tiny things in tiny books. I don't know. But, this is a biggie for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner that can take this size page which is why it's taken so long to post it.

It's a drawing of a pub in Sheffield, called Fagans (obviously), that has this beautiful, and very British, mural by Sheff's own Pete McKee. I've wanted to draw this for ages and last November I braved the cold and finally did it. Now that I see it on screen I realise that it needs something more. I know exactly what it is it needs, so it may just get a bit more AJ treatment. In fact, it definitely WILL.

So, here's Part One. More to come.

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Blogger Caroline said...

Isn't it interesting how seeing things that seem okay in person on the screen shows all the problems? I wish that I could see mine before they go up, but usually it is after I have posted it for all to see.

7:20 PM  
Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yes, Caroline, I agree. It's totally different seeing things on screen. Maybe it's a bit like seeing them through new eyes? I don't know?

11:38 PM  

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