Monday, October 09, 2006

more fungi

Here's a photo taken by my friend Tim. It's a painting I made a couple of years back. I used brown and indigo inks for this one, but I can't quite remember how I got that effect. I like this one.


Anonymous said...

Your mushroom is great, such depth of color. What do you mean by colored inks? Do you mean markers? Did you burnish it? The shading is perfect.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am fascinated by the UK since I did my genealogy, my family is from Tipperary, Ireland. Unfortunately my only vision in my head of Wales is the movie How Green is My Valley, circa 1940, and that was in black and white. I can't imagine how beautiful Wales is in color. My sister has been to England and Ireland, I will have to ask her if she has been to Wales.
Also, I will watch out for Jane Eyre, one of my all time favorites. My ALLTIME favorite is Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, I've seen it about 10 times. I love all of Austen's work.
Are all of the mailboxes the same through the UK, I mean, are they the same in Wales as in England? Are they all stately and red, not dumpy and navy blue, like here in the US? Do you not get your mail delivered to your house? How do you get your mail?
It's supposed to snow today here in Chicago, I didn't even wear a coat yesterday. Our weather has been crazy. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Miss Joseph, that fungi is fascinating. Obviously your pen and ink skills are at an all-time high. May I ask, as the photo is of such a high quality, did a professional take it?
It reminds me of a picture in my kitchenette.

Love the CND mug, too. Did you really make it in pottery class?

PS The blog is tip top quality and I, for one, am very impressed with your compooter skills.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi guys
thanks for the comments. This picture was painted with drawing inks, you can get some really fantastic colours and they always seem so intense - thats what I like about them as I'm pretty intense myself!! Ha.
Colleen -funnily enough myself and anonymous (below) went to see a special showing of How Green Is My Valley a little while back. Great film although I'm not too sure where they got the accents from but it sure wasn't Wales! Wales is really beautiful, as is the whole of the UK, I think sometimes you forget this when you live in a place. You forget to notice it's beauty. Check out James Lynch's site in my links to see, what I think, is everything gorgeous and wonderful about the UK put into picture. His work just makes me melt.
I shall attempt some UK postboxes for the EDM challenge in the future so I'll try to find some ineresting ones. And finally, of course, Colin Firth is the ONLY Mr.Darcy!
Anonymous - no the picture of this fungi was not taken by a professional - just an amatuer dramatic.

MIguel Herranz said...

How green is my valley is one of the mythical films of my childhood. The same was for my father but he had seen it in the cinema, me in a black and white tv. About one year ago I took a dvd brom the public library. I tried to make my son see it, but I guess new generations are allergic to B&W, so I watched it alone. It's always a great film.

MIguel Herranz said...

I remember the title as "How green was my valley", is it possible?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hmmm, you may be right Miguel. The Paul Robeson film?

Son of Incogneato said...

Fantastic work! I've gone all over your blog but choose to stop here and comment because I am so fond of fungus.