Friday, April 12, 2013

well, we slept underneath all the stars and we talked about girls seen from afar

You might have seen both of these before in photos, on my blog, but I'm very happy with them and so I thought I'd post the scans. They are both from February's Dr Sketchy's circus evening in Sheffield. I still feel I'm a beginner when it comes to life drawing so when it goes well I feel particularly chuffed with myself. We have another event happening next week, so if you are in the area and would like to come along details can be found HERE. It's great fun.

PEN QUESTION: Right, folks, it's that time when I ask you for some help again. I'm looking for brown pens - just like the colours I've used in these drawings. Brown fine liners. Preferably with a variety of nib sizes. They need to be water and light resistant. And I need to buy them soon. Very soon! I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance, penpals.


Unknown said...

I'd like to hear all the recommendations too! Your work is exquisite. I admire the way you contrast the hard and soft edges and the way some edges are purposely left out. The shading that you achieve with the pens is remarkable! What pens are you using now? I like my pigma micron 005. They do come in a brown sepia shade.

Julie Paradise said...

Copic Multiliner SP. If the slightly lighter Sepia-colour is not too light for your taste those might be a great option, they are:
a) refillable and
b) nibs are replacable with many choices for nib-sizes, from veryveryvery fine to broad to brush-like.
The outer metal case takes a beating and ages well, but, one minus: they do cost a bit more than the average fineliner. I am very satisfied with mine, some I own for years now, so the investment is a reasonable one.

Unknown said...

Lovely drawings! The sketch session sounds fun.

There are a few options for waterproof and archival fineliners:
Faber Castell Pitt Artist's Pens come in Sepia and Sangine in various widths (S,F,M,B). Sakura Pigma Microns are also available in brown and sepia in 005 through 08 depending on the colour. Copic Multiliner are in sepia with widths ranging from 0.05 through 0.5. Not sure which would be easiest to find but those are the ones I have tried and liked!

Danielle said...

I'm really enjoying your drawings from the Sketchy events; that must be lots of fun! So pens -- the Faber Castell PITT Sepia artist pens are a nice dark brown and you can get a variety of tip sizes. I have their 4-piece set in this color that includes Superfine, Fine, Medium and brush tips, and they are really nice to use. The ink is waterproof and lightfast too.

. said...

I like ZIG Artist Sketch pens, in Sepia. Available from Hobbycraft and There's one nib size, which is flexible on the page.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, guys. I have just ordered one of everything suggested here and on Twitter - all except the Copic Multiliner, that is. Julie, I have been researching them and am definitely going to invest soon (my budget didn't run to it today). Great idea with all the replaceable nibs and inks.

Will share all about this project very soon.Thanks for your recomendations. I appreciate it.