Tuesday, April 09, 2013

try an' find myself again

Last night I found myself wasting too much time on Twitter, for no apparent reason - well, apart from the fact that I just cannot go to bed. I was jumping from one profile to the next, as you do. It wasn't one of those totally aimless bits of time wasting (although, late at night, I can be found doing that too), I was looking at graphic novel bok publishers and the like.

On my late night Twitter stroll, the profile Scriveners Books was thrown up, so to speak. In a strange twist of fate - well, not really, we all know there's nothing coincidental about social networking - it turns out that Scriveners is not a small publishing house but a second hand book shop in my local town.

I recognised the photo. I've driven past it a thousand times or more, but in over a decade of living here, I've never been inside. I've never even stopped or taken any interest. That's rubbish isn't it? So today, I was in Buxton and put it top of my things to do list.

And, am I glad that I did? Wow. It's amazing. I can't believe this gem has been under my nose for so long and I didn't even know. Four storeys full of books. Gorgeous, gorgeous, old books. Old armchairs dotted around the place so you can sit and immerse yourself in their pages. Or, where you can sit and sketch.

I'll be back. And, if you live in or around Buxton, and have never paid it a visit, you should go too.


Unknown said...

I know precisely the feeling and the experience that you are talking about! I'm glad it all happened the way it did for you! It was definitely serendipity or something like that! I like this post, and your drawing is great!

Polly Birchall said...

I would never think that this view would be interesting, but it certainly is. Love it.

Debrina said...

Awesome to share your view from the old armchair!

John Foster said...

Although I live a couple of thousand miles of so away from Buxton, thanks to my daughter who lived a while in Leek and now lives in Glossop, I know the bookshop well. Next time I am there, which could be in September, I shall remember to have my sketchbook with me. Thank you for the inspiration.

John Foster said...
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andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks, guys.

John, how crazy - you know this place! You must come and draw with Sketchcrawl North when you are next in the area.