Saturday, August 18, 2007

get miles away

This rear view mirror has been the 'bain marie of my life' over the past few months. It got knocked off the windscreen by somebody trying to shove an Ikea bed in the car (naming no names, Andy) and now refuses to go back on. I've tried to stick it on with all sorts of stuff but it's just not having it. So far I've tried the sticky pads, windscreen mirror glue, masking tape, super glue, parcel tape and now it's got a kind of industrial strength double sided sticky tape. And, it's still on the floor every time I get into the car. If I use a combination of these things I can usually make it stay on for a short journey, but that's it. It can be quite a scary experience when it drops off mid drive. Today it stayed in place, it even posed for this drawing.

By the way, that's Sparrowpit in the distance. Isn't that a great name for a village?

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Blogger r.e.wolf said...

The make this high-test epoxy that's supposedly just for sticking them back up. A good how-to

1:41 AM  
Anonymous shane v. said...

..make sure you clean the surfaces(both) with alcohol before you stick it makes a big difference..

5:20 AM  
Blogger Joan Y said...

This drawing makes me feel warm and fuzzy ... it has something to do with the colors, style, and oh, I dunno. I just love the drawings you do of the countryside. In my imagination, the air feels cool and crisp and it's green all around. Thanks for the journey!

5:52 AM  
Blogger caseytoussaint said...

It's especially dangerous if you're drawing what see you in the rear view mirror while driving when it falls off!
This is quite a beautiful sketch - I guess it was worth risking life and limb for.

11:20 AM  
Blogger juj said...

Well, personally I'm kinda glad it fell off - otherwise you probably wouldn't have thought to draw it, and it's such a wonderful drawing. Hopefully you'll do a side mirror next, but hopefully it won't fall off first. In the mean time, try some E6000 glue - holds ANYthing to ANYthing. seriously.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Julie said...

The UK has the best place names hands down of anywhere in the world. Those that don't make you feel all homey and warm make you giggle.

Beautiful sketch!

2:50 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

oh its so soft and pretty - what a lovely drawing.
and sparrowpit looks like leesburg (where i am - in Virginia)- isn't that funny? and a most wonderful name - sparrowpit (much more descriptive than the burg!)

5:40 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The variety of subject matter you find continues to amaze me. Lovely pic as usual.

7:27 AM  
Blogger mrana said...

wow Andrea, another gorgeous drawing and brilliant idea ... so many layers to this!

12:52 PM  
Anonymous wagonized said...

I have no tips as to how to make it stick... just a feeling of nostalgia when i look at this drawing... this capacity we sometimes have to watch events through a rear-view mirror instead of the road ahead. This amazing sketch sums that up for me. It's beautiful and wistful at the same time.

3:07 PM  
Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys,

Cheers for the tips Ryan and Shane - I have been cleaned that little patch of window with nail vanish remover too many times! Juj I've been told, whatever I do, do NOT use glue. Apparently it ruins the window - or is that just something mechanics tell you?

Tracy ans Julie - I agree we have the best names. I like all the descriptive - I just can't think of any at the moment. Tracy, I'm really surprised to here this looks like somewhere in Virginia?! I'm not sure that I can imagine the kind of landscapes you have there but I never thought it would look like this. Draw some or post some photos, I'd love to see it.

France, that is such an interesting quote "...this capacity we sometimes have to watch events through a rear-view mirror instead of the road ahead". Quite beautiful, and so very true.

Casey, I promise I was not drawing whilst driving! Although it sounds kind of fun!!

Thanks everyone else for the comments too.

6:13 PM  
Blogger heather lorin said...

oh this is so lovely!

9:08 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

It is so quaint and peaceful. I can agree that it looks like some places in Virginia--a beautiful state I believe you would enjoy visiting. If the Queen can come over for a visit (as she did to Jamestown for it's 400th anniversary earlier this year), then surely you can, too!

3:42 AM  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

I love it! I wish I had a view like that in my rear view mirror, even if I had to hold it up with my hands to see it. Great name for a town too! I wonder how it got that name.

3:50 AM  
Blogger Cathrine StClair said...

This is an incredible drawing - love it!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Wonderful drawing of a charming, interesting scene. At least you have made something beautiful from a bad situation. Good luck with your mirror adventures.

Why the name Sparrowpit? Interesting name, but was the village named after a sparrow attack, or has the true spelling and reason disappeared over the years?

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Fricka said...

OOh what an imaginative idea! *claps hands excitedly* how quaint!

There's some odd place names up here near Durham including Pity Me and No Place! XD

10:57 PM  
Blogger Teri C said...

Only you would think of drawing this view! Cleverly done. This also happened to me this summer and the epoxy kit fixed mine perfectly.

2:31 PM  
Blogger jill said...

love this picture as it just reminds me of all the road trips that i've taken w/ my kids and all the adventures that we've had!

4:59 PM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

sparrow pit! love it.
lovely mirror, darn thing.

9:36 PM  
Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks everyone - for both the tips and the kind words! I appreciate all your comments. Cheers!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Linda T said...

Wonderful sketch, and the commentary on the mirror always falling off made me smile. We had a car whose mirror did that with regularity. We actually got pretty good at not having one for short periods of time. Good luck finding a good adhesive!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

I so love your countryside ones and this one has such a delightful perspective.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Gillian said...

What an usual perspective. Brilliant idea and a great drsawing, as usual!

2:54 PM  
Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys, and I'm still having to stick it on everytime I get into the car!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Tessab said...

Wipe both surfaces with White vinegar and let it dry before using the DST, it works for me.

Fabulous drawing.

7:37 AM  

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