Wednesday, November 01, 2006


These are the best incense that money can buy - from Onevillage.
I love it when you find a product that you really like, and these are just SO good. They are also a Fairtrade product (you can get them from Oxfam in this country) so you can feel good about yourself when you purchase them. What's even better about finding a great product is when the packaging is so good you feel the need to draw it!

(If I did this drawing again I would put the price sticker a little higher up - somewhere near the A or T)


Ester said...

Have yourself a Happy Halloween!

clearmark said...

Good colors composition.
The color and the smell correspond.

suzanne said...

What did you draw and color this with? Pencils? Watercolor? Your colors are so vivid! I love the price tag...the detail is wonderful.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you for your comments. I must admit that this did take longer than I'd imagined when I first had the idea. I painted with ink and watercolour and then put the detail in with coloured pencil. It took ages in the end but still a good excercise in lettering!

Renate said...

Great drawing. Makes me want to go out and buy some too!

wagonized said...

Darn, this is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

I was directed to your site when searching for the Welsh Flag in Google images. However, I couldn't find the flag on your site. Then I noticed a bar at the top of the page which said, 'Flag Blog', so I clicked that, thinking it would lead me to a blog about the flag!

Unfortunately, once I clicked it, it said, 'This site has been flagged for objectionable content'.

I am sorry about that! A misunderstanding about flags!

All the best.

Andy W.