Sunday, April 12, 2015

the fear of a people sketcher

Yesterday I went back to Gallery Oldham where I'd previously done research for the Museum job that I've talked about in my last posts. This time though I returned for a little mini sketch meet up with some friends.
When I was there last time I made this sketch, below, of the guy who worked in the gallery's lovely Naked Bean cafe. It was a sneaky sketch, I didn't show him but I did post the sketch on Twitter and the cafe saw it. They said that he loved it - even though i'd made him look pretty grumpy in it. Which he wasn't. He was the opposite to grumpy. 
Anyway, yesterday, when I returned and with the knowledge he was happy with the sketch I took the opportunity to get a photo of him with it. He said "I've never been drawn before. It made my day. I put it on Facebook and everything".
think the fear for all of us that sketch people is their response to it. Will they be offended? Will they hate it? I know it's my fear which is why I don't often show them. But his response made my day. This time it paid off.


Unknown said...

I like his response! Nice sketch. It's hard to get out of our comfort zone sometimes.

Fourborne said...

I really like the photo of him holding your illustration. Thanks for sharing your fears that was very helpful to me.

JGG said...

Look at that happy face - You made his day!

Emmanuel said...

God bless you!

cumi laut said...

isn't great that what you do for your own satisfaction actually made people happy? it's the most awesome feeling :)