Friday, February 06, 2015

hot off the press

Calling all creative folks, with something they want to promote/advertise/flog. Ever advertised your new book/project/blog/Page in a newspaper or magazine? Of course you haven't. You're a creative - you'd never have the money for that. And anyway, why advertise in a big corporate glossy magazines with huge numbers of readers who, quite frankly, do not deserve to see (ignore) your ad? No, what you want is to be seen by a lot fewer people, but the right people. What you want is to advertise in a small self published, cutting edge, do-it-yourself ethos zine.
What you get; a small (tiny - this is my tiniest zine yet) unique hand drawn advertisement. The space is approximately an inch squared. Just enough room for a logo, a web address, and a few of words.  All for five British pounds. Above is a couple of pages from my How To Draw Like a Loon zine. Your ads will be similar even though the zine layout is totally different.
Spaces are very limited, and as I'm hoping to get this zine to the press on Monday, time is limited too. Take advantage of this offer now. Interested? Get in touch.
Support self publishing. Support a fellow creative to keep on creating.


Madeleine Op Papier said...

So, when I understand correctly...I can draw my little add, send it over to you, you put it in thise marvelous zine, and than it gets printed and spread?
If so....what is the deadline? I really like to join.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Madeleine, you don't need to draw it I will. If you have a logo or a little image you'd like me to put into the ad send that to me. By the end of tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Oh oh oh I want I want! Would you draw my logo the Andrea way :)

Lisa | Fresh Eggs Daily® said...

I'm interested for sure! How do I send you my logo?