Monday, January 19, 2015

just a little green

These are my Day Three sketches of the Post Three Sketches in Five Days challenge.

Today I chatted with Koosje Koene, one of the founder members of Sketchbook Skool, on Skype, and we caught up on all sorts of things that had been happening, for both of us, since I went to Amsterdam last year to film my classes for Sketchbook Skool with her. It was good to talk. You know when just chatting with another person who has the same interests and passions as yourself can give you a boost? It can be uplifting and, well, the conversation left me feeling all inspired. So, it felt fitting to post these three sketches, that I made whilst I was there, in Amsterdam with Koosje, today.

If you are unaware of Sketchbook Skool (is there anyone who hasn't heard about it yet?), well, it's this online school where all the tutors are sketchbook artists from around the world. An eclectic mix of tutors who are pretty much obsessed with creating sketchbooks. In fact, there's no pretty much about it, they're totally obsessed with creating sketchbooks. And, that includes me! Yes, I'm one of the tutors on the 'Seeing' course which starts on Friday. Still time to sign up. You can do that, and find out more, HERE.


Karen said...

Love these sketches! The tree... you brought me back to Holland for a while. Because immigrating is nice, having an unexpected glimpse of your homecountry is nice too. And I loved your klass in Seeing. I took it last october and i'm still experimenting with ballpoints.

Alice Jo Webb said...

The creamy color of your paper with the green and black of the lines make these little sketches particularly attractive. A terrific example of how 'simple' themes are so effective.

Andria said...

Oh, I just love your drawings!