Monday, November 01, 2010

the way i feel from day to day

Before I signed with my agent I visited her at her home and we went through all of my drawings, so that she could get an idea of where my work was at and where it might go. When she saw the many drawings of collections, that I create, she said "These drawings look like endpapers. Beautiful endpapers, but endpapers all the same". I have to agree. They do.

You see, I absolutely love endpapers. I've bought many a book on the strength of the endpapers alone. They are often my favourite part of a book. Just Google image 'endpapers' and, if you are anything like me, you'll be drooling for hours.

It got me thinking that my most perfect job in the whole world would be an endpapers illustrator. Seriously, I couldn't think of anything better. So, if you hear of any endpaper-drawer jobs going please let me know. In the meantime here's a couple more from my travel Moleskine.


Anonymous said...

Endpapers-yay! Yes, many of your drawings would make excellent end-papers.

I like your bio on your agent's site.

Dan Kent said...

No Andrea, you are the alpha and omega of endpapers. Your drawings are the beginning- and the end-papers, as far as I am concerned.

Karen Blados said...

Is there anything you don't draw? Seriously! You tackle some of the toughest, most intimidating subjects. Just the thought of drawing money gets my nerves going.

Amazed, as always!

Dawn said...

i find that mildly insulting! Endpapers may be beautiful and all, but your work is SO talented, that it shouldn't be dismissed as for endpaper work only. But maybe it is lost on me as I am not sure I have EVER noticed endpapers; in fact had to think about what it was exactly :)

Beautiful stuff as always. I am so jealous of all your travels.

Vivere said...

wow,I never knew endpapers could be so cool !!!

Caroline Peña Bray said...

Yes, endpapers! Have just been drooling over some Nancy Drew endpapers - just fantastic. Do you know A A Milne's 'When we were very young'? It's just the most beautiful book, full of wonderful poetry for both adults and children and brimming with the most wonderful illustrations drawn by E H Shepard in the 1920s. I'd highly recommend it. I've even named my iPod after the main character in 'Disobendience'...check out that poem as well as 'The King's Breakfast' - my Mum used to read the latter to us with the most fantastic voices! Enjoy!

Claire said...

ahhhh! a kindred spirit indeed :)
if you haven't discovered them yet, persephone books produce the most beautiful out-of-print books with THE most beautiful endpapers *sigh* truly, i choose one a month based on the endpapers - which are usually paper/fabric designs from the original year of publication. PS i've already bought their 2011 diary with all 90 endpapers in :)

Emily Claire said...

Your work is delicious! It would be such a treat to open up a book and see your beautiful drawings there. Now that is a precursor to an excellent read! :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you, folks. You are kind.

Karen, loads of stuff!! The coins really weren't as bad as you'd think. I was nervous about them beforehand, but I'm over it now.

Danw, she didn't mean all of my drawings are like endpapers, just the collections. And, after all, she did sign me up! Hehe.

Caroline, I too have been drooling over the Nancy Drew ones. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm trying to find them on Ebay. Stunning. And, yes, I know that book. It is beautiufl, I agree.

Claire, thank you for the tip. I'm off to research them...

Cheers, my dears.

suzanne cabrera said...

What an interesting observation! Love what Dan said!!!! Ditto that.

Lacie Rose said...

You could open your own line of endpapers! That would be cool. Just advertise and people might email you to commission you for making them endpapers.

G. said...

personaly i love frontispice . Auguste Poulet-Malassis was one of the best for that.
kind regard.G

Anonymous said...

Doing endpapers is such a good idea! I always buy Moleskine's and ruin them on the very first page and feel I can't use them again. Yours looks like an absolute treasure though!

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

TJH said...

Your work is brilliant and definitely suits endpapers, the sort of illustration that you can just spend hours exploring with your eyes!

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