Monday, July 27, 2009

with my small axe

Here's yet another little themed book I have on the go. It's a book I turn to when I don't want to do one of those big mad drawings, but just a small (ish) sketch. It's a little book of travels around my house. Around my life.

It's been cold here in the UK. Non stop rain. Absolutely chucking it down. I was looking at these logs that live in a box in the wall of my living room. It's been so chilly I was even considering burning them. I didn't, a) because it's July and therefore supposed to be summer and b) because I thought I'd draw them instead and c) because they look too good to burn. They are a box of good looking logs. Yes, I'm shallow.


kimberly said...

Delightful sketch! Sometimes the little things become the most significant. LOVE IT!!!

Anonova said...

Love the lines in the wood! I wish we had rain here...

petescully said...

Great stuff! Sorry about the rain. It's a hundred degrees out here, and I made a hot british sunday roast dinner yesterday. A bit of rain would have been perfect.

A Brush with Color said...

LOL--I think it's only fitting you drew them--think of how many out here you've allowed to now enjoy them as well--if you'd burned them, we'd never have had that opportunity. I thank you! Fabulous!

joseph's art and stuff said...

great again! nice depth to the box. if you're cold i posted a wee little blaze.

Dan Kent said...

It's almost abstract, unreal. I love it. Of course, for me in Florida it is hard for me to even imagine a box - in a wall - in the living room - with logs in it! How exotic! :)

Carolina said...

I love your writing... (and the logs too, of course :)

Best regards,

lain said...

your drawings is amasing!!

Felicity Grace said...

I'd love to see more of your sketches from around the house! Just back from the UK and so glad to get out of the rain and wind - hope you get some summer weather soon Andrea!

Jennifer Lawson said...

Wonderful little sketch, Andrea. I love sketches on graph paper.

Glad to hear you are a CSN fan. Yes, Stephan Stills' voice isn't what it used to be but, like you said, he can still play that electric guitar like no other. It was so much fun to be there, listening and drawing and remembering.


Regina Calton Burchett said...

Andrea - I found your wonderful journal via Rose Welty - Wow!! I love your pencil paintings! Lovely - I especially like the rocks. :-)

Coop said...

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suzanne cabrera said...

Ah man...I love your sketchbook world.

SarahGaunt said...

Wow your blogs are amazing I love all your drawings!

greyandochre said...

AMAZING! You are so very talented! =)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you thank you thank you!
I might just post some more stuff from this little book.

Pete, I love a roast as much as the next man, but in that kind of heat? It just don't seem right.

And, you know, even though I'm moaning I actually love the rain.

Cheers, guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow your blogs are amazing I love all your drawings!

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Alex said...

another superb display of hatching skill ^^ If I want to do hatching, I want to do hatching like that!