Thursday, February 08, 2007


In the last few days I've been tagged twice. Lillan and Felicity both nominated me. So here goes, 6 unusual things about me;
  • George is my favourite Beatle.
  • Sloths are my favourite animals. I adore them. One of my ambitions is to see one (in real life) and, if possible, hold one. Aaaaw.
  • For one year my job was picking roses in the desert.
  • I love bad tv and films. In fact the badder the better. I'm talking really terrible; shaky sets and awful acting. I for one wish the BBC would bring back Eldorado.
  • I have a phobia of horses in water or swimming horses. Eeek.
  • Some years ago I was sat next to a stranger on a bus travelling from Bangkok to the islands in the south of Thailand. A couple of years later I was on a bus travelling from Israel to Egypt and was sat next to the exact same guy!

And I never even got to mention that Kermit was my ideal man - yep the frog. Well I now must pass this on to six other bloggers. So Teri, Mariana, Karen Blados, Chasing Tigers, Plain Jane and I Need Orange it's you!


Teri said...

Oh wow, sitting next to the same guy is definitly weird!!! I did enjoy reading this Andrea.

And what makes you think there is something weird about me?! :) :) This will take some thought sorting out the weirdest.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, thanks for tagging me. It's so weird to realize people read my goofy blog. Can I use that?

suzanne cabrera said...

Wow, that stranger on a train incident is totally weird. You must have felt as though you were in the 'twilight zone.'

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thanks guys! The stranger on the bus was paricularly weird. I love stuff like that though. Really gets the imagination racing.

Thank you to the commenter whose comment I somehow managed to delete. Overworking is certainly something that I do. I'm going to keep on practicing the line drawings.


I need orange said...

Your work is so beautiful and clean....

As a non-sketcher/non-drawer, I have what is no doubt a very dumb question. Do you use an eraser a lot? I can't imagine being able to make such neat work without a LOT of erasing!

Thanks for visiting my blog -- I'm thinking about weird things....

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


I admit to using an eraser quite a bit - not in this one actually. I usually will use it to put the shape of something in; after that I don't tend to need one. There is often a bit of debate about the eraser issue amongst some of the other illustrators - so definatley not a dumb question!

Look forward to hearing your wierd stuff. Cheers!

Anastasia said...

I love Iris!!!

wow how strange that you met the same man twice in totaly seperate parts of the world!!! freaky!!

mrana said...

you've been busy after all, hurrah. I love the lines in this though I definitely love your crosshatching work as well. This is so simple and clean and somehow quirky and cheeky if that doesn't sound odd -- i love it.